I am a clothes finding ninja. {bows slowly}

As we sat down for coffee a couple of weeks ago, my friend Katie said to me “you like looking at websites for children’s clothes, right?” It was disappointing to hear this from a woman who has become a great friend of mine over the last three years (we paid to be each other’s friend we met at NCT classes) as when she said that, I felt like she DIDN’T KNOW ME AT ALL.
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c’est très magique! outfit of the day

Today it’s all about Otis. His sister is such a whirlwind that quite often she takes over, commands attention, leaving poor old Mr Fox (called so as Fox is his middle name) to wonder what might have been, but happily get on with playing with whichever toy he has managed to steal from his older sister or climb on whichever piece of furniture is in his path.

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friday focus – Donna Wilson for John Lewis

Ugh, it’s Friday. TFIF. This week has been a bit of an up and down one in the LKS house, with stuff that I wouldn’t dare bore you with, otherwise you’d never come back to visit me. And I can’t have that, so I won’t go into any more detail other than to say TFIF and this week is over 🙂

I needed a bit of self love on Thursday afternoon (no sniggering in the back!), plus the kids needed new shoes, so off we went to my happy place bluewater (again). I’m sure any other parent will appreciate the sheer unbridled joy of a free parent and child space right next to one of your favourite shops, so straight into John Lewis we went.

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