outfit of the day – choo choo charlie

So, of course you remember my post from last week, where I outed myself as a bit of a clothes and outfit finding ninja, and found my lovely friend and her two sons a selection of hoodies? Yes?

You’ll be pleased to know that my friend took my advice – in fact, she took it one step further and not only bought the maxomorra hoodie that was my favourite, but also bought another one in green stars for her younger son!

So today’s outfit of the day is Charlie in his most favourite hoodie (apparently, he refused to take it off once it was on!)

140921 charlie

Doesn’t he look pleased with himself?! I’m very glad to be of service to Katie, Charlie and Eddie 🙂

I have a couple more ‘find me a…’ posts coming up in the coming weeks – is there something that you’ve been looking for that you just can’t find? Can’t be bothered to look for yourself and would rather save yourself the hassle? Drop me a line saying what you’re looking for and LET ME do the hard work for you! Honestly, it’s my pleasure.

Lucy x

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