throwback thursday – going WAY back

this is a *proper* throwback post! I thought I’d feature something from the archives tonight – but not my archives, those of my mum and dad!

I’ve always always loved dressing up, shoes and accessories – it’s definitely genetic as so does my mum, as does my sister (who loves clothes so much she ended up designing for a living!) So you can all tell my husband IT’S NOT MY FAULT. I have a feeling Coco is very much of the same vein….

So here I am (on the right) with my sister (brother in the background), judging from the photo I’m about 6-ish, she’d be about 5, with my brother just 1, and I’m *already* experimenting with headbands…



(Is it a bit arrogant to say I think I look freaking AWESOME in this pic?!?)

Lucy x

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