give a kid the right pair of shoes…. part 3!

With the third in the series, you’ve always got a LOT to live up to. You can either crash and burn (see: the godfather 3), or you can go out in a blaze of glory (see: toy story 3) and leave people devastated that the emotional rollercoaster of the three parter has come to an end.

I’m not sure my last post in the “give a kid the right pair of shoes….” trilogy *quite* meets toy story 3 standards – I mean, have you SEEN IT?!? The bit where they all hold hands as they all slip towards the fiery furnace – I’m sure my 8yo and 6yo cousins whom I took to the cinema to see toy story 3 had never seen a grown woman sob so hard into her popcorn….

But still, I hope that you won’t dismiss this third post as the leftover portion where I try to furiously tie up all the endings and bring the trilogy to some sort of conclusion, more that you’ll see it as a natural conclusion, leaving the best until last.

Boot buying is somewhat of a nightmare for me, and now for my daughter. It’s not bad enough that I have small feet, they are also wide, and with ridiculous high arches. It’s a fairly often occurrence for me to find, once I’ve chosen some boots to try on, that I can’t actually get them on my feet. And that’s just ankle boots, don’t even GET ME STARTED on knee high boots.

And so my annual quest to find a pair of boots for both my son and daughter has started. I am torn between rushing to get a pair NOW so that I know I have them, or waiting a short while longer to make sure that I have the maximum choice available to me. It’s a dilemma (a shallow, relatively unimportant one in the scheme of things, but hey, this is a *style* blog, I’m allowed to be relatively shallow).

So I have spent AGES researching and browsing and choosing my favourite boots of the season so far –



one: Office, Dr Martens lace boot inside zip brooklee in vintage daisy floral, £59.99
two: Next tan moccasins, £32 – £44
three: Mothercare biker boots, £16
four: Startrite, Chelsea zip boots, £40

Oh my word, how I LOVE these DMs! Such a gorgeous retro floral print – they are certain to stand out on a rainy day in November. These moccasins are lovely too, they look so cosy, and would go brilliantly with a little retro styled shirt, denim skirt and tights. I love a biker boot, and these to me skate the line between edgy and (to be honest) a bit chavvy. Coco had black leather studded boots last winter from M&S and wore them All The Time, I think I would need to see these in person and on Coco to see which side of the line they fall. These purple boots are really cute – such a lovely purple colour. I’m very tempted by these for Coco, except it appears they only come in an F fitting width wise, which is no good for us 😦


one: Boden, leather leopard print boots, £50
two: Clarks, grey suede desert boots, £38
three: Clarks, brill run baseball boots, £30

I *adore* these leopard print boots. I am a sucker for anything leopard print, but I have to be cautious that it doesn’t tip over into Bet Lynch territory. These are definitely on the right side of leopard print though. It’s great to see such an iconic shoes such as the desert boot available for kids – these have a nice touch with the coloured laces, making them a touch more feminine. The baseball boots are awesome too – I’m not so keen on the lilac laces, but I love the glitter. I think I’d change the laces if I got them for Coco. Sadly they’re not a contender for this winter though as her feet are HALF A SIZE too small at the moment. At the moment….

The boys have got some good boots around, too:

one: Boden, leather hi tops in lava, £38 – £42
two: Clarks, bevan boy, £40
three: Clarks, desert boot in black suede, £38

I love the colour of these Boden boots, so bright! I love the blue detailing too. The baseball boots from Clarks are almost a bit unusual, the lime green flashes are a great contrast against the brown and the leather bits make them look more expensive than they are. Here again are the desert boots from Clarks – a classic.


one: Schuh, Converse all black hi top, £28
two: Asda, suede hi tops, £12
three: Next, desert boots, £22 – £26
four: Startrite, Digby in brown leather, £40

These all black hi tops from Converse are also a classic, and although I’ve put them in the boys section here, I’d be just as happy to put a girl in them. You will have already seen these Asda hi tops feature in one of my previous posts – I still love them, and am now gutted that Otis has grown out of them :(. Here *again* are some desert boots, this time in navy (Next also do them in brown, and also in a charcoal, but with a rip tape rather than laces) and they are an absolutely classic. Finally, I’ve featured the Startrite boot in a different colour way, again in the boys section but girls could wear these too.

And so it is the end of the “give a kid the right pair of shoes…” trilogy. I hope it hasn’t disappointed. Have you had any particular favourites feature? Anything you’ve been inspired to buy for your little ones, or even yourself? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Lucy x

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