throwback thursday #1

One of the hazards of the job of being a mum to a 1yo is lack of sleep due to night wakings. I’ve been blessed with two *relatively* good sleepers, so when one has a bad night! it’s a bit of a shock to the system.

Last night was one of those nights.

So this afternoon, instead of writing the blogpost I had planned (it’ll keep for another day), I’m doing a throwback Thursday. It’s not wildly imaginative, but seeing as I’m a novice blogger, I thought it would give me a bit of breathing space, keep me in the habit of blogging, and give me the opportunity to show off my boy in one of my favourite outfits of his.


hat: Mini Club at Boots, now £3 in the sale
tshirt: marks and spencer, not available online
shorts: george at asda, from £6
baseball boots: also george at asda, from £12

I’m a big fan of these straw hats, they look super cool. I bought a size smaller than Otis factually needed, so it stuck on his head a bit better! That was my biggest challenge with this hat – actually keeping it On His Head. The tshirt and shorts have been a staple this summer – so much so I think I’m actually going to go back and get the shorts in next summer’s size. They have washed beautifully and now look even more worn (but in that slightly retro and vintage way). The baseball boots are awesome too although he has already grown out of them – in six weeks!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a proper blog post – remember like if you like, share the love if you loved it.

3 thoughts on “throwback thursday #1

  1. Great outfit! I am often struck by how stylishly my girls are dressed (normally whilst looking down at myself and wondering if I did in fact get dressed in the dark…)


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