back to school

My kids aren’t old enough to go to school, in fact I can’t ever imagine that either of them will ever be old enough to wear school uniform and be anything other than the beautiful angelic little toddlers that they are *continues to look through rose tinted glasses*. However, on an increasingly frequent basis I am reminded that my children are getting bigger, and growing up at the speed of light before my eyes – this is mostly when Coco has a teenage sulk over me denying her her choice of accessory from H&M, or when she does not agree with my choice of dinner. You cannot eat sausages EVERY NIGHT, Coco.

Today was My Day Of Fun without said enfants. A joyous and rarely experienced day where I wandered around Bluewater shopping centre, using ESCALATORS, not having to worry about navigating a buggy, nor worrying about whether the buggy would hold up under the weight of all the assortment of bags delicately balanced off its handlebar. I was going to go to WH Smith, buy a notebook and pen, then go to Starbucks and have a hot drink whilst planning my future world domination blog posts.

And it was whilst I was in WH Smith that I was reminded of one of my most favourite days when I was a kid, a day I loved almost as much as New School Shoe Day – NEW STATIONERY DAY.

And that is why today’s blog post is focussing on kids stationery. Nothing filled me with more joy than a new pencil case, patterned and bright to attract attention and display proudly on the desk in my new classroom. Nothing held more anticipation than a spacious and plain pencil case, ready to be filled with new pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, sharpeners, compasses and protractors (which would inevitably be lost by the end of September), and ready to be graffitied by my friends and I with rude pictures and declarations of love for Luke S Peter E Oliver E Anthony C.

So, today’s blog is filled with the pencil cases I would be buying, and the items I’d be cramming into them:


one: £11
two: £7.50 out of stock
three: £3.74


one: £6
two: £7.69
three: £9


two: £3.99
three: £3.50
four: £3

Rubbers in particular needed to be to be chosen carefully – they became a form of currency in the classroom. You needed to choose a set which would be desirable to your peers – big enough that they’d actually do the job but small enough so that you could fill your pencil case with them in order to swap them with your friends.

one: £6.75
two: £2.50
three: £1

More essentials:

one: £5
two: £2
three: £2

And of course, you need something to actually *write* in:

one: £3.74
two:!-stationery-set/back-to-school/cath-kidston/fcp-product/1012753 £15

There are some awesome stationery pieces on the high street, some of it feels like it might even be too pretty to use! And I need some stationery, and some pretty coloured pens, and some post it notes, and *another* note book – it’s all part of the blog prep, right?!


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Lucy x


PS whilst I was writing this blog post, I had to check about 4 or 5 times that I had spelt stationery right. Even as I’m looking at it, it doesn’t look right!

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