give a kid the right pair of shoes…pt1

So, like I said on my post earlier in the week on back to school stationery, my kids aren’t old enough to go to school – Coco is nearly 3 and Otis is a tender 16mo. Still, I have managed to get caught up in the Back To School hysteria. It’s partly my own fault – Bluewater shopping centre is round the corner from my house, and it’s my default place to go when the kids need a bit of fresh air (read: I could do with a latte) so I’ve been a keen observer of all the new season’s drops.

One thing I love to drool over, both for myself and both the kids, is shoes. Shoe shopping isn’t that easy for any of us though, as we’ve all got really high arches. I’m also extraordinarily choosy!

So this edit of my favourite back to school shoes is done with the mindset of a mum with two children with perfectly normal width feet…


one: ASDA, buckle ballet flats, £12
two: Clarks, Erica Lola, £32
three: Startrite, impulsive, £49
four: Next, back to school loafers, £26 – £34


one: Tesco, patent deep sole shoes, £14
two: Next, chunky tbar, £30
three: Startrite, Clare, from £47
four: Startrite, Attitude, £49

It was really hard even to find 6 pairs of boys shoes that were decent enough to include….! Boys school shoes really aren’t that pretty….


one: Startrite, Mechanical lace ups, £49
two: Startrite, Creeper, £49 (these are actually in the girls range, but they could definitely work for either boys or girls but whether boys would wear a pair from a girls’ range is to be seen……)
three: Next, Chukka boots, £28 – £35


one: Startrite, Rotate, £40 -£42
two: Next, Moccasin lace ups, £32 – £39
three: Startrite, Aqua Splash, £52

While researching this blog post, I managed to find soooo many other pairs of shoes that I wanted to feature in this post (I have absolutely no self control). So one of next week’s posts will feature my edit of some of my favourite high street shoes out at the moment 🙂

Have an awesome weekend, see you on Monday!

Lucy x

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