goodnight sweetheart

Today did not go to plan. Last night I had all sorts of plans to research, or photograph the remainder of my baby clothes to sell {sob}. But Otis was really poorly as I was getting him ready for bed, and then was ill during the night. I slept on his bedroom floor just to make sure he was ok overnight (last time he had a sickness bug he ended up being hospitalised) so today was spent in pyjamas.

Oh how I LOVE pyjamas and loungewear. I’m all about being comfortable. I’m not sure I’d go so far as wearing them out of the house, and the recent silk pyjamas as outerwear trend (for adults!) is not one I’ve tried. But I’m a sucker for an elasticated waistband and a sloppy jumper. My kids are pretty much the same, Coco does love to keep hers on wherever she can – she literally jumped out of bed when I suggested that we’d be keeping ours on today (and then asked to put a different pair on…..)

So this evening, whilst sitting at the top of the stairs waiting for the kids to FINALLY drop off to sleep, I started to see what the best of the high street has to offer – here’s my offerings:


one: Next, pack of three happy pyjamas, £22 – £26
two: Gap, milk and cookies, £14.95
three: Mamas and Papas, three umbrella onesies, £22
four: Marks and Spencer, Gruffalo pjs, £11 – £13 (the actual pjs Coco went to bed wearing)

And for boys:


one: Mamas and Papas, Circus 3 pack, £14
two: Gap, Adventure Fox, £14.95
three: Boden, Science Lab twin pack long johns, £30 – £35
four: Marks and Spencer, monster teeth 3 pack, £20 – £24

My kids are rather short of leg, so footless pjs are much better for my 2. I also love the snuggle fit pjs rather than the looser styles – I hate rolling around in excess fabric! PJs is also one area that I concede my ‘no character clothing’ edict – I have to admit I’m just not a fan of Sofia, Ana, Elsa and Peppa freaking Pig (generally, as well as on clothes – does that make me a bad person!?!?) I like to get as much value as possible from pjs as we spend half of our lives in them, so the multipacks are a winner in my eyes.

Where do your kids’ favourite pjs come from? Are you a character hater like me? Would be great to hear your thoughts – remember, like if you like, share if you love, it’s all greatly appreciated 🙂

Lucy x

One thought on “goodnight sweetheart

  1. You are not alone on the character clothing thing, I do my absolute best to avoid it at all costs. Although lately we’ve had a few superhero pieces.
    I bought Alex some nice pjs in mothercare yesterday, a double pack with dumper trucks on, he was delighted with them


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