c’est très magique! outfit of the day

Today it’s all about Otis. His sister is such a whirlwind that quite often she takes over, commands attention, leaving poor old Mr Fox (called so as Fox is his middle name) to wonder what might have been, but happily get on with playing with whichever toy he has managed to steal from his older sister or climb on whichever piece of furniture is in his path.

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outfit of the day #2 – a day at the park

Another beautiful day, another opportunity to keep out the summer clothes to try and get maximum wear out of them!

Today’s outfit is a new favourite – a denim jumpsuit from baby Gap, a bomber style cardigan from Zara Baby, and her favourite ‘candles’ from m&s. The bomber cardie is probably too small for her now, it fit her really nicely last summer – I’m quite upset it won’t last another year!

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goodnight sweetheart

Today did not go to plan. Last night I had all sorts of plans to research, or photograph the remainder of my baby clothes to sell {sob}. But Otis was really poorly as I was getting him ready for bed, and then was ill during the night. I slept on his bedroom floor just to make sure he was ok overnight (last time he had a sickness bug he ended up being hospitalised) so today was spent in pyjamas.

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