today’s shopping (mini) haul

Just wanted to share a few little bits that I got today with you all. My Unending Search for The Perfect Boots For Coco appears to have ended – I managed to get two pairs in fact!  Both in M&S.  A pair of black ankle boots to go with everything, and some rose gold velcro hi tops, because she needed another pair of shoes and I am weak.  I have to admit though, I’m not massively keen on the black pair, but I know that they fit, and she will wear them, so they’ll do.

I also bought Coco a hat for her birthday as, again, I am weak.  She looks *awesome* in it though – I can’t wait to give it to her.

140930 haul

L – R
Marks and Spencer leather bow boots, £30 – £32, sizes 4-13
Toddler Gap oversized pom pom beanie, £9.95, XS – L
Marks and Spencer leather shimmer effect mid top riptape trainers, £24 – £26, sizes 4-13

I nearly also bought the riptape ones in a leopard print…! Not a massive haul, but all things that were needed (or if not needed, could be badged as a birthday present!)

Poor Otis didn’t get anything, although I need to do a bit of a haul for him – we need bigger sized pjs and some more trousers for him – he won’t be left out.

See you tomorrow,

Lucy x

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