the future’s bright…

I can’t believe it is autumn already.  Some days are still so warm and my children are still managing to wear some of their summer clothes.

However, the cardigans and hoodies that I have to take out with me as an extra layer for them both remind me that summer days are drifting away…  Autumn to me is scarves, jumpers, jumping in fallen leaves, bright days with a chill in the air, and the start of preparing for winter and (shhhhh…..) Christmas!

But in the meanwhile, while I continue to put my head in the sand about impending 3rd birthdays and the increasing need for me to fill the children’s birthday and christmas lists with things they want need, I am concentrating on autumn, and today, am concentrating on just one colour – ORANGE.

How can the colour orange fail to cheer anyone up? From its palest shades of coral, peach and even gold, through to the brightest sunset shades, it is an undoubtably happy colour. Today I’ve taken clothes, toys and baby items in all shades of orange for you to get happy with on this dreary Monday evening:

littlekidstyle loves... orange #1
littlekidstyle loves... orange #2
littlekidstyle loves... orange #3

Get your sunglasses out! Aren’t these items gorgeous?! Any favourites – do let me know.

Lucy x

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