rain, rain, go away…

More autumn lamenting. When I sat down this morning to do some writing, I had intended to get out and about and get the kids in the lovely crisp autumn morning as soon as I was done. As time went on, the clouds changed colour to an ominous dark grey and the inevitable happened.
I’m not massively keen on going out in the rain for obvious reasons (it gives me a cold and turns my hair frizzy….) plus more to the point, I’m not actually sure the kids have got any wellies! So I quickly changed the focus of my morning’s work to look for some decent wellies for them both.

Let’s say one thing here – I am NOT forking out £40 (or more!) for a pair of hunter wellies. I know they are The Thing, but we live in suburbia and not on a farm, and I genuinely can’t see why they are so expensive. If anyone knows why, please say (they may have magical foot warming properties for all I know).

The polyvore sets below hopefully show you a range of wellies that are reasonable, bright, and will hopefully keep your kids feet nice and dry whilst they insist on {peppapigvoice} jumping in muddy puddles! {\peppapigvoice}. Wellies are also one place where I might ever so slightly let go of my character hating principles, especially if the wellies are gold glitter….

littlekidstyle loves... Welly boots #1


littlekidstyle.com loves... welly boots #2


I know I’ve divided these (effectively) into boys and girls, though Coco would love those fox wellies, and the green Next ones are also available in blue and red, again, colours Coco wears regularly. Same goes for the yellow m&s ones, they also come in turquoise, blue and red. I love the john lewis dinosaur ones as they’re fleece lined so great for keeping feet warm (though not sure about how well they would dry if water went in?). I think we’ll be getting the fox ones for Otis (surprise surprise!) and Coco has just informed me that “oh mummy, those hello kitty boots are vewy bootiful! I love those mummy!” So that’s her pair decided!

Have you seen any others that I should have included?

Lucy x

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