what to buy when you just don’t know.

I knew. I asked. I NEEDED to know. Both times.

I couldn’t do it without knowing. Well, I knew I would have to do it even if they couldn’t tell me, but I felt an absolute real desire to know.

My sister doesn’t know. She doesn’t *want* to know. I am desperate to know, however it’s nothing to do with me. We’ll all find out eventually, but until that time, I have to make do with wondering, and daydreaming, and making separate shopping lists for each of the possible eventualities.

And in the meanwhile, I have found lots of things that can be bought in the next few weeks in order to fulfil my shopping urges 🙂

littlekidstyle loves... unisex newborn #1

littlekidstyle loves... unisex newborn #2

Argh! I am SO impatient to meet my new niece or nephew, I am *really* having to stop myself buying anything at all!

Lucy x

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