it’s a hard life being a princess. #tbt

sigh. it’s a hard life being a princess…

140925 coco 1

top: baby gap (a few years old, i bought second hand. click here for a brilliant selection of graphic tees at baby gap)
tiara: claire’s accessories, £4.50

this is coco about a year ago. my heart broke when she grew out of this baby gap top 😦 isn’t it adorable?

i’m not usually one for indulging my kids, but we had to go into claire’s accessories for a birthday present for my young cousin, and she saw this tiara and Would Not Take It Off. suffice to say, she wore it every day for a week, and then it broke into a million little pieces. I’m still finding random pieces of it under the sofa, in the toy box, in my knicker drawer….!

Lucy x

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