find me… boys’ leggings

Buoyed by the success of my last ‘find me a…’ post, I asked my followers on here and on Facebook if there was anyone else who needed my clothes finding ninja skillz! And my dear friend Fran is my next, hopefully happy, customer 🙂

I should probably state here, for the record, that Fran is a dear friend. She’s Mr Fox’s goodmother (we don’t DO god in this house, and let’s be honest, I’m the badmother most days…) and so I have to keep her happy so that she keeps my kid in decent birthday presents for the rest of his childhood. Just kidding. Kind of.

Fran’s little boy is just the most gorgeous little thing – we spent some time with them last week and I didn’t hear a cry out of him ONCE, he’s such a happy smiley boy! I’m not sure why I’m using the word little though – yes, he’s young but this boy certainly isn’t little. He’s sooooo tall. To be fair, with a dad who is 6 foot 7, this was not entirely unanticipated. And given that I’m 5 foot dead, being tall is a bit of a novelty in my house.

Fran asked me to find leggings for her son as they’re nice and easy for him to wear, and nice and easy for mum to put on! he started crawling the day we saw her, so he now needs something that allows him to crawl around easily! I tried to find them in colours other than the ubiquitous navy blue and grey (although a couple squeezed in). I’ve concentrated on brands that give good value for money, although there were a few pairs that I just couldn’t resist, so again, I’ve put them in there anyway.

I managed to find lots of lovely leggings and comfy trousers for the gorgeous E, take a look here:

find me... some boys' leggings #1


Brown pants

Scandinavian Minimall

Blue pants

Jersey pants

find me... some boys' leggings #2


My personal favourites are the peanut trousers by Bobo Choses at Scandinavian Minimall, but these are a bit pricey (I’d probably buy these for a toddler who’s not going to grow out of them so fast, as opposed to buying for a baby) but I’m also a big fan of the Kitschycoo star and lion leggings (although when I added these, they were currently out of stock in the size Fran needs – more stock please!) and OBVIOUSLY the fox long johns from JoJo Maman Bebe. JJMB actually had a fabulous selection of these long johns – these are fab for just kicking about round the house in, but great for the winter under other layers.

Hopefully there’s something for Fran’s boy here, I personally think the owl ones are very Fran, but that’s only because I know her and know that she can’t resist an owl in the same way I can’t resist a fox!

Any particular favourites amongst them for you? Anything you need me to find? I’ll be helping a friend of mine find a christmas dress for her daughter in the coming weeks, but if there’s anything you need my help on, please just shout! You can tell your other halves that any purchases made are my fault 😉

Lucy x

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