outfit of the day #2 – a day at the park

Another beautiful day, another opportunity to keep out the summer clothes to try and get maximum wear out of them!

Today’s outfit is a new favourite – a denim jumpsuit from baby Gap, a bomber style cardigan from Zara Baby, and her favourite ‘candles’ from m&s. The bomber cardie is probably too small for her now, it fit her really nicely last summer – I’m quite upset it won’t last another year!

The denim jumpsuit was bought in the sale, either at the end of last summer, or at the beginning of this one (I can’t remember, isn’t that bad?!). I thought it might be ok for next summer too as there is load of room left in the legs, but I’ve realised there’s not so much in the body… Here’s the nearest alternative from baby gap that I could find.

Anyway here’s my gorgeous girl:


I’ve got a busy few days coming up with boring non-blog, non-mummy stuff coming up, but I’ll be back before the end of the week with #wickedwednesday, #throwbackthursday, and maybe something else to boot!

Lucy x

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