friday focus – Donna Wilson for John Lewis

Ugh, it’s Friday. TFIF. This week has been a bit of an up and down one in the LKS house, with stuff that I wouldn’t dare bore you with, otherwise you’d never come back to visit me. And I can’t have that, so I won’t go into any more detail other than to say TFIF and this week is over πŸ™‚

I needed a bit of self love on Thursday afternoon (no sniggering in the back!), plus the kids needed new shoes, so off we went to my happy place bluewater (again). I’m sure any other parent will appreciate the sheer unbridled joy of a free parent and child space right next to one of your favourite shops, so straight into John Lewis we went.

My husband *hates* JL with a passion, whereas I bloody love the place. He hates it because there are so many different concessions, so much different stuff, too much choice – these are the precise reasons I love it so (that, and the free coffee and cake on a monthly basis).

I love the children’s ranges in JL – big bold prints, cute cord skirts, practical and good quality basics. I’ve had a few items from John Lewis which have lasted and washed really well, so I absolutely raid their sales for bigger sizes for the future. They also do great concessions.

This Thursday, a particular concession caught my eye. As well as having my two children to dress and spend money on, I have a new niece or nephew landing at some point in November, which is *almost* even better than having your own child. You get the joy of loving a whole new other person, I get to be Fun And Cool Aunty Lou, I get to spoil another darling baby rotten, I get to see my amazing sister and her awesome husband grow into a little family, and I get all the above without the responsibility of being that person’s actual PARENT. (I promise you, Aimee, it’s magical, it really is. Eventually.)



It was this *gorgeous* little vest that caught my eye (in pink, specifically, but isn’t the blue one cute, too?). My sister doesn’t know what she is expecting, which is seriously limiting my shopping opportunities for Baby Reg. It’s also limiting my opportunities to get rid of pass on my own children’s clothes to her. Her taste in children’s clothes is quite different to mine anyway – I favour bright colours, whereas her taste is a lot more neutral, almost scandi. But this vest, I could almost see her baby in. Of course I had to have a better look…

So now I have fallen in love with Donna Wilson at John Lewis. There are also some cushions in the range, which are also totally adorable. Donna first set up her company after making individual little knitted creatures, and went on to win Elle Decoration’s Designer Of The Year in 2010, so it’s no wonder that John Lewis have snapped her up to design her own line for them.

Below are my favourite items from the line:

Donna Wilson for John Lewis - littlekidstyle's favourite items :)



Isn’t it all scrumptious? I am a total sucker for an animal top, most especially a fox as it’s my boy’s middle name. I love the bright block colours, but I also love the print on the baby vest and leggings. I loved the whole range but my most favourite bits are the blah blah leggings (in the girls’ section, though no reason why these couldn’t be worn by boys), the geometric print jumper, and the grey jumper with the duck on the front. And of course, because it’s all John Lewis, none of it is going to break the bank. These items aren’t going to date, and they still look individual enough so that you won’t see a load of other kids wearing the same thing as yours in the local playground.

But what is most worrying about the whole discovery, is that she has her own blog, website and online shop (she is also incredibly stylish, and evidently also superwoman!). After only a minute of brief browsing on her site, I decided it was best to move away from my purse, otherwise my credit card was at real risk of combustion. But, oh, HOW ADORABLE is this blanket?!? (She also does a big throw for big people too….)

What do you think of the range? Anything in particular you love? And, most importantly, is my sister’s baby a boy or a girl?!?

Following on from this, I’m going to do a neutral newborn post at some point before the baby is born, so let me know if you’ve seen anything particularly adorable, and I can include it in my post πŸ™‚

Have an awesome weekend,

Lucy x

PS I’m well aware that I have failed in my own self imposed quest to blog for wicked Wednesday and throwback Thursday – sigh, maybe next week!

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