un, deux, trois

Couldn’t let today go by without a pic of The Birthday Girl – we’ve had an awesome day, and we are all absolutely shattered. I’m hoping that means we’ll have a bit of a lie-in tomorrow, but I’m not hopeful…

So here she is, the girl who arrived 3yrs ago on the day I had planned to do my Christmas shopping – I always said it was because she wanted to join in with me – like mother, like daughter!


birth day: hospital blanket, Mothercare onesie that cannot be got rid of or passed down as it is just too precious.
one: dress from m&s. I still have this too.
two: top by baby gap. Only just parted with as I loved it so much.
three: top by M&S, denim tunic by baby gap, headband by accessorize angels (doesn’t seem to be on their website). An impulse purchase a couple of days ago, which I’m very glad I made as she has barely taken it off. (I didn’t even ASK her to do the thumbs up. She just did it herself – shoes you the sense of showmanship she has!)

Today was your Happy Birthday, Coco – I hope it was as awesome as you are.

Mummy x

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