littlekidstyle loves… BAGS BAGS BAGS. and more bags.

Bag. Bag. Baaaaaaaag. It was one of Coco’s first words. It was then that I realised that the apple certainly does not fall far from the tree.

My girl really does love a bag. She has a few of her own already, and loves nothing more than secreting various little bits and pieces away in her neon pink satchel. Last time she wore it, I checked to see what essentials she had packed in it – a pair of Minnie Mouse sunglasses, a happyland fairy, a couple of building blocks, and a spare pair of knickers. I am reassured for her university years that she will not go out unprepared…

And so, partly to honour my girl’s 3rd birthday, I have chosen a small selection of bags that I am currently loving:

littlekidstyle loves... bags #1





JoJo Toddler Rucksacks

Space Rocket Toddler Backpack

Scandinavian Minimall

littlekidstyle loves... bags #2



Shock horror, I haven’t actually bought her a bag for her birthday! However, one of Coco’s most favourite things at the moment is dinosaurs, so the green dinosaur backpack has gone onto her Amazon wish list as a reminder to Father Christmas to buy it for her. I am partly tempted to add the yellow patent or the little leopard print bags into MY Amazon wish list…..

Lucy x

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