find me a… girls’ winter coat

I love being asked to write a “find me a…” post. Not only does it give me an excuse to pore over various online shopping portals, but I enjoy hearing whether or not the person I’ve been doing some personal shopping for actually likes the items you have chosen!

So far my hit rate hasn’t been too bad at all – my friend Katie bought her sons a couple of Maxomorra hoodies on my recommendation, and hopefully my other friend Fran didn’t mind the boys leggings I found her long legged boy 🙂

This time, it’s important I get it right. Not only is the recipient of the advice Coco’s oddmother, but one of the little people being dressed is my goddaughter, so it’s important that I do what I promised to do all those years ago and pass all my accrued wisdom onto my goddaughter. Or, given that I won’t be passing on any wisdom, I can make sure as hell she looks AWESOME on her way to school.

Harriet has asked me to look for coats for her two gorgeous girls – this is where I’d tell you how old they both are, but as Harriet well knows, I can NEVER REMEMBER. I can’t even remember which school year they are in. I am truly a terrible godmother. Anyway, beautiful M, my goddaughter, wears a 9-10 even though she isn’t, as she is v.tall for her age, almost as tall as me! Her sister, crazy C, is in a 5-6.

The criteria is:
– 2 winter coats
– NOT puffa jackets, or padded/wadded coats.
– M likes blue or purple,
– C likes pink,
– budget of around £40 each.

Soooo, here’s what I found for M:

find me a... winter coat




Girl’s Hooded Duffle Coat

Heritage Coat

Funky Duffle

Funky Duffle


And not forgetting her sister, C:

find me a... winter coat #1


My personal favourites are the purple duffle coat from John Lewis for M, and the pale pink vertbaudet one for C – the inside looks so cosy! I’d love to know what the two girls themselves would choose…

What do you think? What have you bought for your little ones this winter?

Lucy x

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